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Photo by Hufton+Crow

One of my favorite architects of all time is Santiago Calatrava. He's an Hispanic architect known for creating sculptural designs that resemble living organisms. Some of his best known designs are the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas, Texas, the City of Arts and Sciences and Opera House in Valencia and now the World Trade Center Transportation Hub "Oculus" in New York City.

On Christmas Eve, I decided to head over to the World Trade Center Transportation Hub to do some last minute shopping. I heard of all the retail stores in this space so I was excited to shop and explore. Once I entered the Oculus I fell in love. It is one of the most remarkable designs I have ever seen in New York City. The train station connects the subway and regional trains from the PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson transit in Newark, New Jersey, Harrison and Hoboken) and has great stores like Sam Edelman, Dior, True Religion, Stuart Weitzman, MAC and more.

The Oculus is designed in an oval shape made out of glass and steel. Santiago Calatrava designed the train station to resemble a bird flying from the hands of a child. Originally the wings of the above ground structure were designed to move upward, but the feature had to be removed to meet security standards. The underground station roof was originally was supposed to open entirely in good weather, but that feature was removed due to space limitation and cost. The World Trade Center Hub cost over 4 billion dollars to build and is considered one of the most expensive railway stations ever built. During the day the Oculus allows natural light to enter the Hub station and at night serves as a lantern. The Oculus is by far one of the best sculptural steel ribs architectural designs Calatrava has given New York.

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