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Photo by Ebony John

Have you ever driven passed Prospect Park and wonder what is the huge monument that sits in the middle of Brooklyn right across from Brooklyn Library? This massive structure is called the Grand Army Plaza, not to be confused with the Grand Army Plaza located in Manhattan.

Grand Army Plaza serves as the main entrance to Prospect Park. Prospect Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux to be a place where residents of Brooklyn could recover from the city life. Grand Army Plaza was designed in 1867 and consists of John F. Kennedy Monument, the Bailey Fountain, Soldiers' and Sailors Arch, busts of notable of Alexander Skene and Henry Maxwell, and statues of Civil War generals Gouverneur K. Warren and Henry Warner Slocum.

Grand Army Plaza was originally designed to isolate Prospect Park and keep the street noise to a minimum so visitors could enjoy the park. However, that was a failed design method because the hectic traffic surrounding the plaza made it very hard for pedestrians to reach the park. In 2008, New York City Department of Transportation made improvements by putting planters and sidewalks making it somewhat easy for pedestrians to cross the plaza to the park and Brooklyn Library.

From the beautiful arches and columns the Grand Army Plaza is a very impressive memorial. Whenever the weather is beautiful you can find vehicles of all sorts of food and farmer vendors. This is the perfect place to escape daily life and enjoy peace and quiet.

Photo by Ebony John

Photo by Ebony John

Photo by Ebony John

Photo by Ebony John

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