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Photo by Jake Holt

William F. Cody was the king of architecture for desert designs in Palm Springs during the peak of the Modern Architecture movement. He had a way of designing. William designed anything from hotels, restaurants, churches, club houses, schools and houses. One of my favorite designs from William is the James Logan Abernathy Residence.

In 1962 William designed this home for millionaire James Logan for poolside parties in Palm Springs. The house is designed in an L-shaped sections linked by a central square unit at their joints. William created a year round outdoor California desert living space that would be suitable for James to host parties year round.

Photo by Julius Shulman

The Abernathy house is furnished with rare mid-century furniture and feature modern pieces such as white marble walls and sliding glass doors. Narrow white columns are spaced out evenly throughout the home supporting the overhanging roof that spans about 10,000 square feet. The interior ceilings are pitched, the walls are painted white. The living room features a fireplace with sliding doors that open up to the patio. The swimming pool area is furnished with wooden lounge chairs surrounded by grassy area, cactus and palm trees.

In 2012 the house was restored by architect Thomas Morbitzer, and designer Darren Brown. The house window's and outdoor space was upgraded. If you're ever in the Palm Springs area and looking for something to do, consider taking a tour of the modern architectural desert home.

Photo by Julius Shulman

Photo by Julius Shulman


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