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Photo by Ebony John

Photo by Pinterest

Have you ever stumbled across a blue front door and wonder why the homeowners paint it blue? Well the color blue is nature color of the sky and sea, which represents tranquility, peace and relaxation. For example, painting your front door blue is believed to bring peace and positive energy into your home. 

In Feng Shui, the front door of your home is called the mouth of Chi. The choice of color for your front door is based on the direction of the front door. In the rules of Feng Shui, if your front door is facing north, east or southeast painting it blue will strengthen the prosperity energy.

If you think about it, wearing the color blue and painting your front door represents the same thing. When you wear blue you're exuding peace, loyalty, tranquility and positive energy. For example, it has been said by fashion consultants the best color to wear during an interview is the color blue because it symbolizes loyalty. On this day I was feeling like I could conquer anything that came my way. I wanted to wear something casual but sexy at the same time. I decided to wear this peplum blouse (I think peplum will be my trend this season... read my last post lol), paired it with some jeans, a light beige shawl coat and cute lace leather high heels. So the next time you want to feel a sense of tranquility try wearing or painting your space blue to bring you a sense of peace within. 

Photo by Ebony John

Peplum Blouse by Alpha & Omega

Lace Heels Balenciaga

Shawl Collar Belted Coat Asos


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