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Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

Photo by Neffi Walker

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure catching up with an old friend of mine Neffi Walker. Neffi is known as the decor goddess. She's an interior and furniture designer who infuses black culture and black color into most of her designs. When I entered her office space, I immediately fell in love with the decor. The office has inventiveness written all over with splashes of gold surrounding it.  Continue reading and check out my interview with my dear friend Neffi and get more details on how she created this trendy workspace. 

Tell me a little a bit about your education background.

I have no educational experience in interior design, although I'm contemplating going back to school to be taken “seriously”. I realized I have an eye for it and proceeded with small projects and worked my way to understanding the business during the years. 

How did you start interior designing?

I was dealing with a bit of postpartum, just had my 4th child and needed an outlet. I realized that designing my newly purchased home made me feel whole again, I haven’t stopped since. 

Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

You're known for "The Black Home" why black? Why are you fascinated with black?

Black is who I am and black is beautiful. It's a strong and powerful color, it demands attention and before people would talk about a black room as if it were taboo or negative. I wanted to change the narrative and have people embrace Black the same they would instantly embrace white. 

Name some designers or people to whom you look up to and why?

I love Kelly Westslier, she's bold and unapologetic with matching materials. I love love love Yves Saint Laurent because he lived and breathed fashion, interiors and art.

Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

Who or what was your inspiration for designing your office space?

I needed to be surrounded with images I love and I needed an interchangeable space. If you pay attention Beyoncé adorns most of the way- she gives me energy. The gold frame, is an item I incorporate in most of my designs and of course a black desk! 

What is your favorite piece in this space?

My favorite piece are all of the vintage vogues disrespectfully stacked in the corner of the office with the gold unicorn lamp on the top 

Tell us about your vision board. How did you create it?

The vision board has a gold picture frame, materials and images inside of it. It was meant to be interchangeable so I can visually see what is needed per current project I'm working on. 

Can you share where you found these amazing pieces in your office space?

Most of them were refurbished from items I had around my home with the exception of the desk. I purchased the desk from a vintage shop for 10 bucks! 

Any decorating tips you would like to share?

Paint a wall black in your home and place art on it. You will breathe new life into the room and the art will look vibrant against the black. 

What can we expect next from Ms. Neffi Walker? 

Paint, wallpaper and a new opulent line of furniture for 2018! 

Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga


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