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Photo by First and Last PR

Stephanie Scott is a force to be reckoned with. She is the CEO and Communicator-in-Chief for First and Last PR. First and Last PR is an Independent Beauty Public Relations and Digital Media Marketing Firm providing services to leading luxury and consumer product good companies, mid-sized beauty firms and beauty brands such as Revlon’s Creme of Nature, Urban Skin Rx, Oyin Handmade,Gold Label Cosmetics, Skin Inc, and more. 

Stephanie worked with celebrity hairstylist and star of WeTV’s hit television show “LA Hair” Kim Kimble. Prior to opening First and Last PR, Stephanie worked as director of global marketing and communications for 3LAB skincare and also worked with Usher. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Stephanie about her new remodel office space and how she turned her old office space into girly meets glam. Scroll down and find out how Stephanie created her ultimate office space. 

Describe your office style?

I would say that our office is girly meets glam - a total beauty girl’s paradise with images of lipstick, nail polish combined with high influences of girl boss power everywhere! As a former beauty editor, I know how important creative stimulation is so wanted lots of BEAUTY-full inspiration by way of color, meaningful quotes and other forms of visualization. This year, we also added awards that we received from the Public Relations Society of America and our Bespoke Communications Award and love seeing those as well. They are a reminder of our hard work and dedication to this industry.

Photo by First and Last PR

Tell me more about the remodel office space. 

We started with a blank canvas - literally, just white walls and no furniture - but ended up with pink walls and gilded shelves. I worked with KFree Decor to find a road map for how to best utilize the open space. We also worked with a pro to install a kitchen because we typically bring in lunch and wanted to have a place to cook/heat and store lunch. Even our kitchen feels like a beauty store’s best kept secret - our glasses are vintage CoverGirl cocktail glasses that I received while working as a beauty editor. There are framed magazine covers, hair inspiration, a wall of perfume (I’m a bit of a collector), a library of beauty, entrepreneurship, leadership, she-roe successes and an open closet with our client’s products for any editor meetings or sends.

Photo by First and Last PR

I hadn’t worked with a designer for our previous office space (and it shows!) but really enjoyed the process. They were able to locate and offer furniture and accessory recommendations with resources directly in the design world which is priceless. Kaleema Freeman, the head designer, sent sketches of the office space design ideas and multiple furniture options to choose from within our price range, so I was able to let go and feel at ease with the process. I really value having their professional point of view plus their ability to take my initial ideas and run with them. Everything came out gorgeously and within our budget.

What was your inspiration for redecorating the office space?

Love for the beauty industry lead our decision-making process. I believe that if you surround yourself with good people and good things, goodness will come to you. The First and Last PR office are functional with the highest standards of office equipment, but also very ladylike - just like us. It’s filled with vintage beauty memorabilia, current success stories and inspiration that I’ve collected throughout my career in the beauty industry. It’s super organized with a bit of pink whimsy. We chose gold for the accent color because we can’t help but to shine.

Photo by First and Last PR


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