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One of my favorite home decor style is Bohemian decor. It's a mix of world travel and hippie style that doesn't have many rules when decorating your home. With the mixture of colors and patterns it creates an inviting vibrant atmosphere when entering your home. Here are 5 simple ways to add a bohemian look to your home decor. 

1. Texture & Color:

To add a unique depth of beauty mix different textures, colors, and prints. For example place linen next to wood and add different materials to bring your room to light.

2. Low Seating:

Add lower seating to create an intimate atmosphere in a space where conversations are welcome. Place pillows, fluffy ottomans or low cushions on the floor to create an relaxing cozy space. 

3. Greenery:

Add plants to bring the outdoors inside. Plants will create a intensify vigorous aerospace. It will help clean and purify the air in your space. 

4. Lighting:

Add sparkle and warm lighting in your space. It will create a homey space that's alluring, warm and relaxing.

5. Art from Travel:

Bohemian decor doesn't mean that it necessarily has to have a Moroccan style. It can be a mix of different cultural. Mix different ornaments, paintings, textiles and sculptures collected from your adventures around the world. 

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