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Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

In today's Style Arch series, we have Beverly Beal, a fashion blogger and attorney at law from Detroit. Beverly is the woman behind I've been following Beverly Beal for years now. She is no stranger when it comes to fashion and my Style Arch of the month.

Tell me a little a bit about yourself... Education background? Where you grew up? 

I swear I love answering this question, because it's always the same lol. Detroit made, Georgia raised, and now New York pays. I absolutely love the mini journey I have been on as far as relocating. All very different places, but no place is like home. I am a Detroiter through and through, it taught me so much beyond education. But when I moved to Georgia for undergrad, I decided to stay and attend law school. I later moved on to get my law license in Missouri and now that I am an official New York I just recently got sworn in here as well.

Wow that is awesome, congratulations. Thank you. 

How did you first get involved with blogging? 

I was actually really uninspired when I started my blog. I graduated from law school and was working at a firm and needed some type of outlet. Fashion has always been something near and dear to me so I thought I create a blog just to keep me connected to something I love. I never thought it would turn into the platform that it is now.

Describe your personal style? 

I like to think I have fun with clothes. I always keep it feminine but sometimes I'll add a little effortless sex appeal from time to time.

Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

What do you do when you aren't working on your blog? 

Eating lol!!! No, I'm probably working on two new ventures I have lined up; Loved Labels which is my online resale marketplace and Guilty Intimates which is Bralette line I'm creating. They take all my free time.

Name some of the people to whom you look up to and why? 

My mother first and foremost, she is super woman I am sure of it. Then of course, my two best friends in my head Michelle Obama and Oprah.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 

Anything with ruffles, off the shoulders, and mom jeans. Designers I can't get enough of right now is Cushnie et Ochs and Johanna Ortiz.

What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear? 

How freaking shy, I am lol. I'm a Cancer and an only child, but I can say that my blog has helped me with that because I know I'm forced to interact and I really like it. I meet and talk to people all over the world and the journey has been amazing.

Any fashion tips you would like to share? 

Investment pieces are our friends!!!! All you need is couple to transform your wardrobe. I'm all about quality over quantity. But my biggest fashion tip is to really be yourself. Nothing is more stylish than a person dressing in a way that they are confident in themselves!!!

Can I say Beverly is now my new found BFF lol. She is so sweet in person. I was surprised how shy she really is in person. But that all changed when we almost got chased down by PETA in Soho for wearing fur coats lol. That's story I have to share on another post lol.

Photo by Ngono Louise Messinga

Jacket BCBG

T-shirt American Apparel

Jeans Zara

Boots & Bag Chanel


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