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Photo by Ebony John

Photo by Pinterest

Peplum designs are a trend that is far from being brand new on the fashion runway. Peplum fashion has been around since the 1940's. The word peplum originated from the Greek word "peplos" meaning shawl. It's a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, dress or shirt. Women in ancient Greece would tie the shawl around their waists to create folds in their garments.

Peplum made a comeback in the 80's accentuated with puffy sleeves and shoulder pads. You'll see the hottest celebs like Beyonce and Kim Kardashians rocking different peplum designs from tops, skirts, dresses and jackets. 

Photo by Ebony John

My favorite thing to wear right now is this peplum dress by Miss Guided because it gives me the perfect hourglass silhouette. I paired it with thigh high boots to accentuate my short legs lol. One of the advantage of peplum design is no matter what shape or size you are it gives you a slimming effect as long as it's worn properly. When shopping for the perfect peplum fashion make sure you find the perfect design that compliments your shape.

Peplum Dress by Missguided

Boots Zara

Hat Nordstom Rack


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